The Sarin

Some fantasy authors really enjoy creating systems of magic, and I’m no exception.

When developing the world for my book, Wings of the Sathakos, I wanted to avoid creating any kind of magic that was all-powerful. I wanted my magic-wielders to be powerful in a unique way that could potentially work in our own world.

What I finally settled on was what I call “the focus”. Essentially, the idea is that it’s possible for people to control every single aspect of their bodies, even those typically regulated by unconscious instinct, by reaching a state of nirvana through intense meditation.

This state, “the focus”, is difficult to learn and even once learned, it is not easy to maintain. However, from within the focus, people in my world are able to control their bodies in a variety of ways. They can make themselves stronger simply by willing it. They can heal themselves faster than they might heal naturally. They can grow new limbs through careful, slow practice. While in the focus, the world outside their bodies is easier to understand and anticipate, so their reaction times and agility are much faster. This makes them powerful fighters, though getting struck usually shears them from the focus, leaving them vulnerable, so they tend to avoid combat entirely.

The meditative monks that study the focus are called the Sarin. Read more about them in Wings of the Sathakos.


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