Writing the book was only half the battle. Getting people to read it, that’s the challenge.

So far, I’ve made this blog.

I’ve launched a Facebook advertising campaign.

I’ve made plans to attend the next fantasy convention in Denver, and contacted the organizers about speaking on a panel.

I’ve ordered ten copies of my book in paperback.

I’ve begun compiling a list of local bookstores that feature local authors.

The big question remains – once my book is available, or I’m talking to someone at a convention or book signing about it, how do I convince them to read it?

Do I appeal to their likes? For example, “Did you like Game of Thrones? My book is kinda like that.”

Do I talk up the plot? “It’s a high-fantasy novel with elements of adventure and political intrigue.”

At least when I was in bands, we performed our music. Shows were like free samples or demos of the product, the CD. If people liked the show, chances are good they’d like the album.

I can’t very well walk into bookstores and start reading my novel aloud.

So how do book lovers choose their books? Do they judge books by their covers? Do they hunt online for books with a high number of positive reviews and read the previews? Do they read blogs where the bloggers review new books?

Do I need to do everything I can think of, or does it make sense to focus my efforts on certain key tactics?

Can I just hire someone to sell this book for me?


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