Snow Going

I start every morning – yes, every morning – at a computer with a latte.

I admit, there’s some internet browsing that usually happens in the beginning. A Facebook check or two. A glance at Quora. A video on YouTube watched. You know how it goes.

But then I settle in to work. I find a path and I take it.

At work, this means adhering to a calendar of tasks that helps ensure I work on every client’s marketing campaigns every month. Writing content, creating websites, optimizing web pages for the search engines, what have you.

But on my glorious weekends, my path is set towards an eventual goal of a second completed book.

The sequel to my first book is perhaps half done, and I’ve started a new series that’s targeted more towards the young adult market.

Progress is painfully slow. I wrote much of my first book without any real-time editing. It just came out. This made the editing process at the end more painful than perhaps it needed to be, but at least I got the story out.

Now I’m taking my time, and it’s even harder. The chapter I’m on right now has been rewritten three times as I seek to find a logical way for my character to get out of trouble while adhering to a few strict requirements I’ve placed on myself.

1. Nobody can rescue her; she needs to save herself because she’s not a damsel-in-distress type

2. Her decisions have to make logical sense – she’s too smart to do anything really reckless

This is harder than you might think.

The solution was given to me by my father. He recently finished reading the first book, and we were chatting about it when I mentioned my dilemma. Immediately, he gave me exactly what I needed to get my character out of trouble, adhere to my two rules, and even set her up for where I want her to be at the end of the book.

The moral of the story is, talk about your writing. Don’t be afraid to go to others for help. Sometimes, all it takes is another pair of eyes to catapult you out of the doldrums.


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