Stupid Mistakes

Some of the most important lessons I’ve learned about self-publishing have come from mistakes.

For example, there were several grammatical errors in the final manuscript when I pressed the “publish” button. A few people now have copies of my book with dumb mistakes.

Solution: Read your book a dozen times before you publish. Have others read it and look for small grammar mistakes.

The latest mistake happened when I updated my manuscript in Lulu, my self-publishing service, to lower the font size. I simply opened the manuscript, selected all the text, lowered the font size, saved it, and uploaded it into Lulu.

Then I bought 10 copies.

Then I realized I hadn’t updated the Table of Contents.

Since I had lowered the font size, all chapters started on different pages than they had before, but the TOC didn’t reflect that. It was already too late to cancel the order by the time I realized it. So for my upcoming book signing, I’ll have only a few copies of books with 12 pt font and correct TOCs, and 10 with incorrect TOCs and 11 pt font.

Stupid mistakes. They’ll cost you.

Double-check everything. Then triple-check everything.


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