The Question Of Where

I do my best work when I’m distracted.

I can’t really explain why. I have theories but doubt their accuracy.

For example, I’m writing right now with some French metal blasting in my headphones. Somehow, the noise actually helps me focus, despite simultaneously competing for my attention.

I do most of my writing in coffee shops. It’s too quiet at home.

Is that the secret? Did I finish a novel because I finally learned how I work best?

Many people say they want to be writers, but they can only start. They can’t finish. Is it because they haven’t figured out how they work best?

It’s an odd idea. To say that the first step to writing a novel is write in many different places. Coffee shops. Libraries. At home. Bars, with a good beer. Find out where you felt most inspired. Then repeat it.

Go back. Often.


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