On Editing

I’m still finding little grammar mistakes in my final copy of Wings of the Sathakos.

An extra space between words. A slip into present tense when the rest of the sentence is in past. A double period, a remainder from accepting changes from my editor.

Which brings up a point – this book has been edited. Professionally. As in, I paid a guy who edits books for a living to edit mine. And he did. Still, there’s all these little mistakes.

I’m not really the “attention to detail” type. I miss these things. I read too fast, especially when it’s a book that I myself wrote and already know.

But that’s not a good thing when it comes to editing. Editing is all about detail.

I could hand off the editing to somebody else, a grammar editor. My editor focused on big things, like logical fallacies and examples of characters behaving opposite to how they’ve been described, which was enormously helpful. My mother, on the other hand, would love to be a part of my writing, and would absolutely go through my whole manuscript line by line to find little grammar mistakes.

The problem is, she’d make all kinds of suggestions beyond that, too. Like, “why does this character’s death have to be so bloody”? And then I risk hurting her feelings when I pass over those suggestions.

The other option is that I edit the piece myself, a hundred times. This is the route I’ve taken so far. Obviously, it isn’t working as well as it could since there are still so many mistakes to find. But it’s really my responsibility anyway.


2 thoughts on “On Editing

  1. I notice little things in long published books all the time. A typo here, a missing period, etc. Terry Goodkind, King – it’s just one of those inevitable things, I think.


  2. Was your piece proofread as well? Even after the manuscript has been professionally copy edited, it still should be proofread, preferably by a professional that has not read it. As many errors as you’re seeing, I’m not sure if you’ll be able to catch them all.


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