Big Day

My book, Wings of the Sathakos, had sold 41 copies as of May 30th.

I’m the one who bought and paid for most of those.

Suddenly, my publisher reports that I sold almost 500 copies through Amazon on May 31st. And nothing since.

At first, I thought it must be spam. Some kind of trick. There’s no way I sold that money copies in just one day.

The truth is, Amazon reports sales at the end of the month. So my book really was downloaded almost 500 times through Amazon last month alone. I won’t know if it’s still doing that well until the end of June when the next batch of sales gets reported.

I published this book at the end of March. To have hundreds of people reading it already feels pretty incredible.

The downloads took place all around the world, too. Mostly in the US, but also in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, and even Japan, Taiwan, Romania, etc.

I feel accomplished. Like the years I put into writing that book are totally worth it now that people are actually getting the chance to read it.

Now we’ll see if they review it and, if they do, what they think of it.


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