Back It Up

When I wrote Wings of the Sathakos, I had it saved on the hard drives of several computers and backed up on both Google Drive and a flash drive.

While that seemed like a good way to protect myself from ever losing it, it was ultimately way too many places to try to save a document.

When I started writing the sequel, I wrote everything in a Google Drive doc without backing it up anywhere else. My theory was that keeping the document in the cloud would enable me to work on it anywhere, from any computer.

This isn’t entirely true, because ultimately it needs to be a computer with internet. Therefore, my writing stalled for a month or so when I was staying at my dad’s while looking for a condo. He had no WiFi, so I had no access to my manuscript from home.

I do most of my writing at coffee shops, so this should have been little problem, except that my dad lives 20 miles from any coffee shops worth going to. There was a Starbucks, true, but it was too small and too noisy and too busy.

To respond to that issue, I downloaded the document on to my personal laptop and that’s where I’ve been working on it to date. No backup. If the laptop goes down or the document gets deleted, it’s gone. 70,000 words, up in smoke.

Also, it’s frustrating because there are times I forget to bring my laptop when I’m going places where I may end up wanting to work on my book. My girlfriend lives about 20 miles south of me, making it pretty inconvenient if I ever need to kill time waiting on her for any reason but can’t just go to a coffee shop to get some writing done. If it was in the cloud, I could work on it from her laptop.

The best way to go, I surmise, is to move the manuscript back to Google Drive, then make it a habit to bring my laptop with me everywhere I go. Mobility is one of the reasons I got a laptop, after all.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


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