I’ve been gone a while.

In that time, I’ve written two new books.

Yes, that’s right. Two.

The first to go live, Pantheon, is a YA fantasy novel that takes place in a land where gods are real and involved in all sorts of schemes affecting the mortals under their dominion.

As an ebook, Pantheon has been submitted to the various online retailers; Amazon, Google, B&N, Kobo, etc… It isn’t live on any of those sites but will be soon.

As a paperback, I just need to approve a final proof copy and it’ll be sent out to the online retailers as well.

The second book is a sequel to the first one, Wings of the Sathakos. It isn’t titled yet and still has a lot of editing/revision before it’s finished but it’s very close.

I’ve proven to myself that my first book wasn’t a fluke. I can write. I can finish a book with some regularity.

Even better, I’m improving.

Wings of the Sathakos reads like the first novel someone might write. Its sequel, technically the second book I wrote, is marginally better in terms of craft and, if I’m being honest with myself, weaker in terms of story.

Pantheon, on the other hand, is a legitimately good book. It’s well-written and tells a good story.

What it lacks, and all my writing lacks, is a higher purpose. All my books so far are little more than entertaining yarns.

Up next, a book with a bigger story to tell. As soon as I figure out what that story is, anyway.


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