May the Fourth

The relevance of Star Wars in my upbringing can’t be understated.

There was a stretch of time, probably only a few months though I remember it as much longer, when my two brothers and I would watch either a Star Wars movie (usually Return of the Jedi) or an Indiana Jones movie every single day.

Every. Single. Day.

Though it takes place in space on foreign planets and interstellar ships, I think Star Wars is quintessentially fantasy. Swordplay and magic play some of the largest roles and are often at the focus of the entire universe. Look at the archetypes: princess, rogue, old wizard with a young apprentice, evil samurai… All from fantasy.

I can’t say that Star Wars influenced me to write fantasy any more than my favorite fantasy authors; Tolkien, Terry Brooks, and Margaret Weis. But the original trilogy was, and still is, a masterpiece of filmmaking and storytelling. There’s a lot that fantasy authors could learn from Star Wars about taking tired fantasy elements and making them new again.


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