On Target

There’s an article in the Trending section of my Facebook about the CEO of Target, who has explained that the company will continue to stand by its choice to allow transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their gender identity rather than the gender of their birth.

That’s great.

What isn’t great is the vast number of Facebook posts talking about this article, all with very negative comments. The fear, as I understand it, is that men will dress up as women in order to use the women’s restroom and there, they will take advantage of women and girls when they are vulnerable.


First of all, there are no guards outside of bathrooms. If a man wants to go into a women’s restroom, there’s nobody stopping him, regardless of how he’s dressed.

Second, being dressed like a woman does not mean that a man will get away with any sick, depraved deeds he might engage in while present inside a women’s restroom. If an individual, whether man, woman, or transgender, assaults someone in a bathroom, it won’t matter what their gender is. The police will be called and the individual will be arrested.

Third, even if the previous points weren’t true, couldn’t a man dress up like a woman to use the women’s restroom now? Nobody is watching everyone who enters a restroom and analyzing how closely they resemble a man or woman. If a sexual predator wants to get inside a women’s restroom to perform predatory acts, he (or she) is going to do it without much trouble.

Someone explain the boycott-Target logic to me if I’m just missing something. From where I’m standing, it’s clearly just thinly-veiled prejudice, in which case Target should be glad to lose those people as customers.


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