Lulu vs. Amazon

I can’t remember why I chose to self-publish through Lulu. It probably came up first in a search for self-publishing platforms.

After 3 years, I’m gradually cutting ties. I don’t love it. Let me count the ways.

  1. Cost. Lulu is expensive. Though is allows me to print in pocketbook sizes, which is the standard size for most traditional fantasy novels, it makes it so my books all cost far too much on Amazon, B&N, etc… I can’t see anyone paying $23 plus shipping for a self-published book.
  2. Customer Service. It sucks. There’s no phone number. No email address. The only way to contact Lulu Support is through a form. They respond anywhere between 72 hours and never. Generally, the first response is totally and utterly useless, as if they merely sent the first stock response that seemed to match the issue.
  3. Formatting. It’s dumb. They reject ebooks for arbitrary rules that they made up, though they claim it’s because the sites they distribute to enforce them. This isn’t true – I recently ported all my ebooks over to Amazon without a problem, despite Lulu ensuring me that the formatting would cause Amazon to reject them.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Almost all online book sales are made through Amazon and publishing through them provides a number of perks.

  1. Robust reporting
  2. Advanced category selection and keywords
  3. Intuitive interface
  4. Great customer service

I wish I’d gone through Amazon from the beginning. Do that, and thank me later.


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