International Women’s Day

I was homeschooled until high school. For most of my primary school years, my mother was my teacher. She ensured I had an academic knowledge on all the necessary subjects, but she also taught me to think critically, to believe in equality for all people, and to respect women. This doesn’t mean I have a […]

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The Name Of The Thing

I’ve just watched a video of George R. R. Martin explaining how he comes up with his names. From it, I’ve learned that he uses a) baby books, b) historical names, c) modern names that sound old, d) his own imagination, and d) slightly modified names from all of these. But at the end, he […]

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Pantheon – CH1

Here’s the first chapter from my new novel, Pantheon, available on Amazon here. – Lars flung the torch into the pyre. The oils lit quickly and the flames grew. He stared into the center where his mother lay under a gray sheet. It was almost night. The light from the flames danced in the beads […]

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And Ye Shall Receive. Amazon has officially added my newest book, Pantheon, to their online bookstore. Check it out: Pantheon  

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The Hardest Part

Waiting. I like to think I’m a patient person. Sometimes, though, I get restless. I’ve hit the button. Submitted my new book, Pantheon, to the online retailers. Only Apple has picked it up so far. Amazon and Barnes & Noble, arguably the most important, are dragging their feet. I can’t really market the book until […]

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On Target

There’s an article in the Trending section of my Facebook about the CEO of Target, who has explained that the company will continue to stand by its choice to allow transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their gender identity rather than the gender of their birth. That’s great. What isn’t great is the vast […]

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  They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well, if that’s true, then I have something to get off my chest. I’m kind of a dick. Not always, of course. In person, I’m socially awkward and fear conflict enough that I’m rarely dickish, though it does sneak out from time to […]

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